RUSTIC WOOD LINE - more pictures coming soon!
RUSTIC WOOD LINE - more pictures coming soon!

Art by size-


6x6 - angel, birds, nest, cotton, cross, oyster, church, MS, AL, heart, magnolia, fleur de lis, and flowers.

4x8 - angel, cross, shrimp, oyster, seahorse, shell, nest, TN, flowers, cotton, and church.

8x10 - angel, peacock, fleur de lis, church, cross, shrimp, crab, cotton, nest, birds, pineapple, nativity, oyster, rabbit, pelican, peacock, MS, AL, LA, seahorse, rooster, heart, flowers, and magnolia.

3x12 - angel, oysters, cross, church, birds, cotton, ballerina, flowers, and pineapple.

6x12 - angel, ballerina, cross, cotton, nest, oyster, crab, crawfish, shrimp, birds,TN, redfish, flowers, pineapple, church, and pelican.

12x12 - angel, cross, magnolia, cotton, nest, birds, oysters, flowers, church, peacock, pelican, crab, fleur de Lis, pineapple, and rooster.

12x24 - angel, magnolia, oysters, church, hearts, cross, birds, nest, flowers, cotton, magnolia, ballerina, deer skull, pelican, shrimp, crab, ballerina, peacock, seahorse, and pineapple.

12x36 - angel, cross, church, flowers, and peacock.

20x24 - (canvas only) - angel, church, cotton, shrimp, crab, crawfish, deer skull, nest, flowers, pelican, ballerina, birds, magnolia, pineapple, cross, oysters, flowers, seahorse, and peacock.


6x6 - birds, angel, cross, nest, cotton, nativity, flowers, heart, fleur de lis, and shrimp.

4x8 - birds, angel, cross, nest, cotton, flowers, pineapple, and shrimp.

8x10 - birds, angel, cross, cotton, nest, shrimp, heart, nativity, crawfish, pineapple, fleur de lis, and oyster.

3x12 - birds, nest, pineapple, cross, cotton, church, and angel.

6x12 - birds, nest, cotton, shrimp, crawfish, cotton, church, angel, pineapple, cross, redfish, and oyster.

12x12 - birds, church, nest, cotton, angel, pineapple, shrimp, crawfish, oysters, and cross.

The art in this line has a light blue and beige background. All art is handpainted and every piece will be "one of a kind". Knots and imperfections in the wood are part of this rustic look.